About US

ESSENTIALS GROUP initiated its business in 2003 and successfully prolonged its contribution among the society and the citizens of Bangladesh with Essentials Catering & Handicrafts. It is the pioneer in producing and supplying frozen foods in the country starting with the Chittagong city and later diversified geographically towards the capital and other locations of the country.

The group gradually moves forward and diversifies its business towards international trading, supply and consulting services focusing on the supply of different heavy equipment and port machineries including turnkey solutions to supply to the govt. and private clients, commencing business internationally.

Essentials Consulting & Associates has it own experienced consultants especially from maritime background and is under leadership of the Chairman who is the head consultant of the firm. Together as a team, the firm have achieved and successfully completed numerous assignments some of which was funded and conducted by World Bank, Asian Development Bank and JICA.

Essentials Trade Lines Ltd. become the pioneer in supply and installation of Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (RMGC) in Bangladesh when it installed the 1st unit of such crane in year 2016 in a private port of Bangladesh and later introducing more cranes of such type in the biggest govt. port of Bangladesh from the year 2017 onwards.

Today with our proactive sales force and a trained service team, we are leading in the business sector of port and construction machineries and becoming one of the biggest heavy equipment trading companies in Bangladesh.

Our Mission:

We aim to provide the finest quality product and solutions to our valued customers in a competitive price and satisfying all our stakeholders by achieving the common goal with integrity for a long term partnership

Our Vision:

To be recognized as one of the most competent organization nationwide in terms of production, sourcing and supply by creating positive differences among all our customers and other stakeholders.